SHINE Live 2016

September 21–23, 2016

Kelowna, British Columbia


…it’s a total VIP experience!

What women are saying after Shine Live 2015:

  • "Chantelle is able to inspire and motivate you to grow beyond what you think is even possible.  I am now excited to step out of my comfort zone and implement her teachings."
    Tiffany NathSHINE Live 2015 Attendee
  • "I have met my people!!  I have met so many people to collaborate with, learn from and gain inspiration from.  Thank you Chantelle!"
    Caroline M. HarperSHINE Live 2015 Attendee
  • "I could write a novel about how impactful Chantelle has been for me but most of all she saw something in me and she literally gave me a stage to shine my light which lead to so many more business opportunities to work with incredible women and event that are heart-centered."
    Darienne DorazioSHINE Live 2015 Attendee
  • "You are a bright start Chantelle.  Thank you for letting your light shine brightly and giving me permission and a sacred space to do the same."
    Elena LipsonSHINE Live 2015 Attendee
  • "What a fantastic service this event is!  This event lit my fire and I was able to find my purpose in this life!  I can't wait for my moment to shine!"
    Linda RotheySHINE Live 2015 Attendee
  • "Shine Live is like coming home.  Meeting the most beautiful, warm, caring, supportive women on and off the stage!  You will be moved by the information, speakers, music, art and love at this incredible event!  Thank you Chantelle!"
    Susan SchenkSHINE Live 2015 Attendee

Imagine an event…

filled with powerful, change-making women who are stepping into their confidence and having the courage to share their voice with the world in a BIG way. They are ready to shine their light and you know you belong with them.


You will be seen, heard and celebrated!

You will be part of a collaborative movement where women entrepreneurs are truly SHINING a light on who they are and their bigger mission and purpose while changing the world with their voice.


Imagine gaining all the skills and confidence to be keynoting conferences or leading your own events filled with your dream clients, walking onto stage and sharing your story while changing lives, growing your business and becoming the go-to expert in your field.

When you find your voice, own your story and build your platform you are in the perfect position to SHINE brightly and touch countless lives with your message.

It is your time to SHINE and we are going to help you do just that!

At this event we’re all about taking you from best kept secret to SUPERSTAR! Get ready to step into the spotlight and SHINE, baby shine!


Here’s your social proof:

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Some of the results from Shine Live include:

  • Two women coming together to host and sell out an incredible destination retreat (they met at Shine Live and this retreat was created at Shine Live then launched and delivered in just a few months from the time of the event)

  • One attendee got her first ever PAID speaking gig using the skills and motivation from Shine Live DURING the 3 day event

  • Another attendee got 2 speaking gigs from connections made at Shine Live

  • One Shine Live attendee made $4000 in one day speaking from implementing the training and tips gained

  • Another attendee was able to craft her speech in just 30 minutes using the techniques and ended up selling ALL of her books at her next event which never happened before

  • Several books were outlined and several collaborative books were brought to life

Let’s change the world with your voice!

Are YOU ready to turn your message into a movement?

If you are ready to truly SHINE in life and in business, then this is the event for you!

I am Ready to Shine! Sign me up!



*Contact info@chantelleadams.com for a special group rate if you have 8 or more ladies who want to attend.

I know you have a story and a message that can change lives and yet you have been playing small, afraid of being really seen, afraid of speaking up and being heard.

You want to be on big stages like Emerging Women Live or World Domination Summit, hosting your own powerful events, getting book deals and being seen in the media so you can touch more lives and you know you could be if only you had the right tools and confidence to step into the spotlight.


This is exactly what you will get and more at


Here’s a little sneak peek of all that is in store for you
when you sign up to attend the SHINE Live Event:

*Tentative schedule and topics may vary but final schedule will be shared before the event

Pre-Event Excitement!

You will get access to a Private Facebook Group as soon as you book your ticket so you can start meeting those who will be attending, forming new friendships and collaborations, being in the know with special announcements and making arrangements for sharing rooms and fun excursions while you are visiting the beautiful, sunny Okanagan!

There will also be some special interviews and trainings with guest experts before the live event starts to get you learning, growing and ready to truly get the most out of this live experience as possible.


Day 1, Act 1: Aligned Abundance

swirly-pastel_greenThis is where some amazing guest experts will help you dive into your desires and create a business that not only makes an impact and makes you serious income but that compliments your life, fills you up and helps you step into aligned abundance.  I will also be sharing how I have grown my business from 0 to 6 figures in just 9 months and then double my profits each year all while staying truly aligned to my values and staying authentic and true to who I am and how I want to serve.


Day 1, Act 2: Writing your TED talk

Is giving a TED talk on your bucket list?  I am pretty sure it is and during our time together you are going to get the steps to write and deliver a powerful TED talk that is standing-ovation-worthy and will gain you instant credibility.  But you are not just going to learn HOW to do this you will actually write your TED talk at this event.  How cool is that?!

Day 1, Act 3: Rocking the stage

There is an art to delivering a powerful speech whether on or offline, through video or in a grand stadium — and I am going to share with you exactly how to bring the element of YOU to any stage you grace!  I will dive into pre-speech strategies to calm the nerves, performance techniques that will have your audience in love with you from the first moment you step on stage, how to gain and keep their attention, how to seamlessly move from one point to the next, how to make your speech an experience that will have you getting booked over and over and how to create a rush of people wanting to work with you.

Writing a speech is part of the equation but delivering it is where the true art comes into action. I will show you exactly how to rock that stage so you can change lives and grow your business and impact.


Day 2, Act 4: Becoming the Expert

In order to truly SHINE in your business you need to be seen as the expert, the go-to leader of your industry.  We will be diving into how to set yourself up as the expert through book publishing, PR strategies and guest posting.  You will get all the insider tips plus take action and write the title and outline of your book, create your PR plan and write amazing headlines and stories that will get you media and guest posting opportunities NOW!

Act 5: Growing your fan base through speaking

If you are ready to grow your business you must grow your fan base, and the best way to do that is through speaking. We are going to dive into all the different ways you can use speaking to actually make this happen. We will show you how to use podcasting, video blogging, webinars and telesummits to drastically grow your list and fan base so you can grow your business!

Day 3, Act 6

Now that you have a powerful story to share, a TED speech written, your expert plan set in motion and you know just how to grow your fan base — you are ready to share you story with the world! Now all you need to know are the ins-and-outs of how to get booked in all different industries.

You will gain the most up-to-date strategies and tools to become visible and get those bookings.


Getting booked and monetizing your speech

We will create your marketing plan and show you exactly where to get the gigs and how to get a “HECK yeah!” response to booking you to speak. We will also be diving into how to monetize your speech and ways you can make $10K and more from every speech, even a free one. I will share my super heart-based tips for sharing your work and gaining clients from every speaking engagement.

We will also dive into the killer free offer you will share from the stage and what programs to offer that will be a natural fit with your speech, either from the stage or after the event, when you are building your relationship with your new tribe of raving fans!


Act 7: Courageous Action

We will dive into mindset, belief and taking courageous action while moving through the fears that keep you stuck and preparing you for ultimate success as you step into your brilliance and shine so brightly in the world.  I know that the foundation of my success has come from courage + action and the #1 thing I see getting in the way of powerhouse, change making women sharing their message in a BIG way is FEAR so we will blast through the blocks and help you take action NOW!

As if that isn’t enough…

here are even MORE reasons you just have to be at SHINE Live:

You aren’t just going to be digging in and learning, you are going to be taking serious action by: 


white-bullet-arrow  Actually writing your story, your TED speech, your book title and outline and your speaking plan on the spot! Talk about accountability and support; remember I have been compared to a great pair of Spanx before!

white-bullet-arrow  Getting the opportunity to be in the hot seat and get 1:1 coaching live from me so you know exactly how to take action and move past any doubts, fears or resistance. I love getting clarity for my clients and helping you to see through all of the clutter and get clear on what you need to share with the world.

white-bullet-arrow  Being invited to the Open Mic Sessions to share your story or message LIVE on the stage. This is a huge opportunity you don’t want to miss out on.

SHINE Live Event participantsYou will be having a BLAST and step out of your comfort zone through:

white-bullet-arrow  Participating in a Flash Mob Dance (yep, you read that right). This is going to be SO much fun and I bet it is one of those things you have always wanted to be a part of— well now is your chance!

white-bullet-arrow  Amazing & new (top secret) activities… you are going to love these opportunities to stretch yourself and see what you are made of!

white-bullet-arrow  Dance breaks and so much more!

You will be treated like the STAR that you are with:

white-bullet-arrow  A Special VIP registration experience

white-bullet-arrow  Incredible giveaways

white-bullet-arrow  Amazing connections

I am going to make sure you know how much I believe in you and want to help you SHINE, but I don’t want to give away all the secrets because I love a great surprise and I hope you do too!


What Women In Biz Are Saying:

“I see my business in a new light and working with Chantelle has been no less than BRILLIANT.

This is the stuff heart-centered business models are built on. After Centre Stage and working with Chantelle (I mean after the first week even), my eyes stopped wandering and I knew what I was meant to do personally and with my business.

My story has always been in there, has always been mine (I live by it) but I didn’t know how to use it to help others. Now my message is part of me, it is everything my business activities are about. I understand it so well that it is second nature to share when someone asks me.

Laurie AshleyAmazingly I can articulate my message so well that EVERYTIME I share it with someone I see that sparkle and hear that GASP (OMG they hear it, they get it – this message helps them), seriously my message has been getting the results of goosebumps and ah-has ever since Centre Stage! I never felt like a thought leader until now. The work is actually tangible and I see where it can be monetized and where it will be a pillar to my business model. This is how you can bring more of you to your message and business. I highly recommend working with Chantelle Adams.” ~ Laurie Ashley

Pamela Campbell“Chantelle is exactly what is wanted and needed for those who are ready to own the stage and create magic as they step into new possibilities as a public speaker.”

~ Pamela Campbell


“This was very hands-on and I feel like Chantelle is teaching something she really embodies, practices and has become so proficient in. I could feel her enthusiasm for helping us connect with our own unique story. Chantelle helped me dig into my story to find a cohesive and creative thread. I was already saying many of the things that would become my “story”, but Chantelle was able to reflect back and tie a thread of connection that allowed the story to unfold and get deeper. Elena LipsonI was able to look at everything I do with the lens of storyteller. I gained the confidence that MY story is worth telling. I knew that before, but to actually write it out and get the feedback was a really powerful process.

Her enthusiasm was amazing. Her knowledge of the topic was incredible and
easy to learn from. Chantelle is the real deal!”

~ Elena Lipson

Susan Shenk“Chantelle is truly a unique blend of your best friend and a coach that will gently push you forward while giving you the confidence to do that.

She makes sure you feel special and empowered, making you see that you could meet any challenge at that time and in the future! Chantelle moves you forward to the person you want to be. If you are ready to have a voice and step into the person you want to be then join Chantelle to find out what story you need to share!” ~ Susan Schenk

The Value of this Event

There really is no price tag that could really give the value of what you will gain from this live event, it will truly be priceless and leave a lasting impression on your heart and business. But, if I was to break down the value of what you will gain it would look something like this...



Gaining the confidence to tell your story in a powerful way that connects and captivates your audience while building trust and letting them know why YOU are the expert they should work with.

Estimated Value: $10K – $100K
Value comes from clients now seeing how YOU can help THEM!

A powerful TED talk written and ready for the stage where you will gain instant credibility.

Estimated Value: PRICELESS
Exposure for your business will lead to more speaking gigs and more clients, which means more money.




Your book title, outline and publishing plan DONE!

Estimated Value: $2,000+
Most publishing programs are $2,000+ and $1,000+ in book sales, plus more credibility and speaking gigs leading to more visibility and clients.

Expert advice.

Live coaching with me for 3 full days. My 1-on-1 consulting fee is now reserved for high-level clients at $750/hour. The only other way to work with me is through my group coaching programs: Centre Stage LIVE (valued at $5,400) or Centre Stage Online Group Program (valued at $1,697).

Estimated Value: $10,000
This level of teaching, support and instruction from me live is a rare opportunity that many can’t even pay to experience.

Guest experts’ instruction and training live. This is so valuable — to get a group of incredible women in biz in one room, sharing how they have used speaking to grow their business!.

Estimated Value: $5,000+




Access to the Private Facebook Community where you can build lasting friendships and strategic partnerships and collaborations while learning, growing and succeeding together! Talk about continued support!

Estimated Value: PRICELESS

Total estimated value for attending  SHINE Live


Now that is a lot of value packed into these 3 days!

I am Ready to Shine! Sign me up!



*Contact info@chantelleadams.com for a special group rate if you have 8 or more ladies who want to attend.

What Women In Biz Are Saying:

Susie Romans“The most valuable lesson I gained from my speaking experience is the power of telling my story and inspiring the audience to really take action!

Being confident in my speaking abilities helped me become a better business owner and it helped me to be seen as an expert in my field.”

~ Susie Romans

Debra Rezendes

“Without a doubt, I feel like working with Chantelle is the push that so many business owners need to help them get really clear about their message, the most important part of your business.

It can be scary to take the first step in really putting yourself out there, but Chantelle makes the process so fun and supports you every step of the way. And she has this amazing ability to create a supportive environment that brings out the best in everyone.” ~ Debra Rezendes

“Chantelle has an amazing way of providing the intuition and practical tools to really get your public speaking dreams out into the world…

Melissa McDonald…and step out of the fear based world that so many of us get stuck in when wanting to share ourselves with public audiences.

I gained the vision for my signature speech through her approach and gained the know how to write speeches, books and get booked doing paid speaking gigs with my target audience.” ~ Melissa McDonald

Mandi Lynn“I was at a critical juncture of my branding challenge and had so many amazing ideas of what I could do that I found myself spinning my wheels…enter Chantelle. She is a dyamo of a cheerleader for you and is a wealth of knowledge and a brilliant sounding board.

She wants you to succeed so bad she can taste it and she will not rest until you are rocking the stage to your highest potential. Worth every single penny!”

~ Susan Schenk


Kelowna is a picturesque town with vineyards, beaches and mountains, oh my! You will love spending time in my little gateway to paradise! The Okanagan has been named among the world’s top 10 wine travel destinations by a noted international magazine and is a popular wedding destination.

This is not only for the premium wines and restaurants focused on organic and local ingredients but the location with its breathtaking views and landscape, first class hospitality, amazing amenities, bustling downtown and arts and cultural district and so much more!

This Year’s Speaker Line-Up :

Ajit NawalkhaAjit Nawalkha

As Co-founder of Mindvalley and key investor in successful companies like Blinkwebinars and Zenward, Ajit Nawalkha is no stranger to the world of startups.

Ajit, who is recognized by the industry as a powerhouse international investor, entrepreneur, speaker and business coach, built his reputation the old-fashioned way — with persistence, grit and an unshakeable determination to succeed. He believes that when it comes to creating a business and a life you love, it’s all about doing less, not more and his methods have been proven to work again, and again.

Ajit NawalkhaOne of his core beliefs is that a life worth living is a life that is dedicated to being of service to others. Ajit’s passion and purpose revolve around helping entrepreneurs create a positive impact in the greater world. Nothing makes him happier than watching honest, dedicated business owners achieve their dreams; knowing that he played a part in making those dreams come true.

Speech Title:

Creating Disproportionate Advantage for Your Coaching Business

Bushra AzharBushra Azhar

Getting to YES is easy, all you need is a splash of psychology, a hint of seduction and a generous sprinkling of personality. I will be sharing my top 10 hacks for getting a YES to your pitches, offers, questions & proposals no matter what industry you are in and no matter what mode of communication you use.

Oh and my name is an insurance policy that my parents took out when I was born and THAT has allowed me to pave an unfaltering, unwavering, single-minded path to YES… every time.

How to pave an unfaltering path to YES (and why my name is an insurance policy)

They tell you that the path to YES is fraught with slime, sleaze and a mile-high pile of broken promises. They LIE!

Stephanie NickolichStephanie Nickolich

Stephanie Nickolich is a doubt-crushing, confidence-creating, cash-catapulting success strategist, who teaches female coaches how to shift their money mindsets, capitalize on their greatest strengths and create solid strategies for success. Stephanie is a mamapreneur, Yorkie lover and fashion afficionado who splits her time between NY and Miami and can always be found in her private Facebook group of 11,000+ women worldwide here.

The Art of Creating 7-Figure Sales Funnels

What you must know about creating profitable passive income sales funnels that lower your cost per conversion, maximize your ROI, and generate profits on rinse and repeat.

Sarah HartSarah Hart

Sarah Hart’s your lady if you’re ready to build a website that’s truly legendary!

She’s a branding expert and founder of the Brand Mapping Method online program. She has taught over 300 businesses to create their own beautiful websites that stand out online.

When she’s not teaching a new design webinar or posting animated gifs in her campfire Facebook community. Sarah loves getting lost in the woods at her cottage located in Nova Scotia. When she’s not chilling at the cottage, she can be found sipping on a cup of tea while reading a book on mythology.

Brand storytelling

You created your epic talk that has your audience falling in loooove with you (HELLS YES!!). But… do you cringe at the thought of your potential customers “Googling” you after the event? Now is the time to create a website that captures that same connection you have with your audience.

In this presentation, you will learn how to create a website and brand that creates an instant emotional connection with your dream clients. This is the secret to converting them to starry-eyed fans + return buyers!

Allison BraunAllison Braun

Allison Braun is a Business & Lifestyle Success Coach that helps purpose-driven women get what they want by being who they are, and doing what they love. With Simplicity and Soul. She’s helped hundreds of women from over 10 countries bust the myths that you have to be someone you aren’t or “work hard” to be successful.

When she’s not helping freedom & purpose driven coaches, healers & helpers discover and express their gifts in a thriving business they love, you can find her swimming in the nearest ocean, drinking espresso or playing with crystals.

Enrolling High-End Clients with Ease & Soul

I will be sharing:

  • How I went from $40/hr to selling $16,000+ programs with ease
  • What to include in your program to get a ‘heck yes’!
  • The surprising key to hearing “here’s my credit card, thank you!” (hint: it has nothing to do with selling)

Elena LipsonElena Lipson

The founder of Divine Self-Care Circle Mastermind, Elena’s passion is to integrate daily rituals, a deep commitment to Self-Care and play into life, businesses and the bedroom.

Over the last 16 years, Elena has served as a corporate trainer, founder of 2 online businesses, obtained an MCSE – Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and is now walks the path of the Divine Self-Care Mentor leading women around the world to come back to their inner most authentic voice. Elena’s work is focused on accessible spirituality, personal growth, and a commitment to dropping the hustle.

Through her speaking, coaching, retreats, and programs, Elena works with women all over the world to become the #1 asset in their life, business and the bedroom so they can reconnect to their purpose and passion.

Elena has lived in Russia, NYC, California. When she is not dancing or working, Elena enjoys the green trees and fresh air of the Pacific Northwest with her amazing husband, zen-kiddo and sweet-soul pup Chi-Chi. You can learn more about her and her work at www.elenalipson.com

You are the #1 Asset in Life, Business & the Bedroom:
Learn the Keys to Drop the Hustle & and Turn Burnout to Brilliance

I used to push through exhaustion. I used to push through the overwhelm thinking that joy and ease were meant to be earned by doing MORE work. I spent years thinking if I just worked harder, pushed through the tears, and believed others when they told me what I SHOULD be doing, that I would find success and peace. I became accustomed to the idea that you had to collapse at the end of a hard day in order to succeed. I did all of this while silently putting my own needs 2nd. Not anymore.

Now, by putting my needs first I’m teaching those around and the Universe how treat ME. By putting ME first, I’m able to be my best, WITHOUT quieting my own needs or my own voice.

In this presentation, I’m going to show you how to get serious about Self-Care as a lifestyle and to say YES to you on all levels and become the #1 asset in your life and business. I’m going to share a simple commitment and a path that honors your spirit, sensuality, self-expression, time with friends, time with yourself, abundance, ease and so much more.

I know that a well cared for woman glows with confidence, resonance and orgasmic joy. And as my husband says – “The well-cared-for woman will change the world!”

Jamie JensenJamie Jensen

Jamie Jensen is the copywriter, creative director, & brand storyteller behind Your Hot Copy. To date, she’s helped over 175 business owners get clear with their communication and go big with their brand. Before bursting onto the scene with her digital agency, she was developing screenplays in Hollywood and making movies of her own. Her film “Hannah Has A Ho-Phase” hit the New & Noteworthy of iTunes nearly immediately upon release, and became #1 on Hulu for 3 weeks running. This film also won her the “Best Feature Writer” award at LA’s all female film festival La Femme.

Jamie now resides in her native city New York, and uses her Hollywood experience to help clients create highly marketable content and become blockbuster hits online. When she’s not crafting stories that sell, teaching other entrepreneurs how to make money with words, or managing her amazing team of digital copywriters, you can find Jamie cracking inappropriate jokes, twerking up a storm, or making passes at strangers.

How to Hollywood Your Marketing So You’re a Blockbuster HIT.

In business, everyone wants to stand out, be known, and launch programs that sell the hell out. In H’wood, building buzz, generating interest, and developing loyal raving fans is non-negotiable for a film’s success. Learn how the entertainment industry does it, then take their tactics to package and market your offers to become a “box office” hit too.

Ruby FremonRuby Fremon

Ruby Fremon is a Coach, Catalyst, and Ignitor. She helps women radically boost self-love so they can take back their power and create lives that make them ridiculously happy. Ruby empowers her clients to shift into the belief that they can have it all without sacrificing a damn thing. What makes Ruby a truly dynamic Coach, is her ability to blend together practicality with spirituality while delivering her message in a loving, no-bullshit format. This fusion helps her clients create massive life shifts that stick.

From Chaos to Love

Ruby’s work is one that is driven by a soulful purpose. After hitting rock-bottom, she realized that she had the tools within her to create change. From a life of chaos to a life of love — Ruby is a reflection of her work, and she yearns to see those around her transform into the supernovas that they were placed in this Universe to be.

Lisa Fraley
Lisa Fraley

Lisa Fraley, JD, CHHC, AADP, is a Legal Coach® and Attorney and the creator of “Get Legally Covered So You Can Go Bare”, the legal course for coaches and entrepreneurs, and “7 Days to Get Legally Enlightened”, a legal mini-e-course.

Lisa calls herself a Holistic Lawyer® as she has combined her years of legal experience as a Health Care Attorney in a large corporate law firm with her caring coaching skills as a certified Health Coach and Life Coach.

She has worked one-on-one with hundreds of entrepreneurs since becoming a Legal Coach® in 2012 to help them protect themselves, their businesses and their brands through creating contracts, terms and conditions, corporate entities and trademarks with lots of Legal Love™ – so they don’t have to worry, stress, or fear that they are legally naked or exposed.

She uniquely believes that legal protections protect you both in practical ways and energetic ways so she aligns each of the 7 key legal steps that most entrepreneurs need as they grow in their businesses with each of the 7 chakras.

Make Your Next Speaking Gig Legal: How to Cover Your Buns Before, During & After Your Speech

In her speech Lisa will cover the steps you need to take to legally protect yourself, including:
1. BEFORE the event – get clear on responsibilities, have a written proposal & contract, get the logistical details in writing
2. DURING the event – get clear about what you can and can’t say on stage
3. AFTER the event – get clear about how the event host can use your presentation and/or materials after the gig is over

As you get out there and speak on more stages you need to be sure you are legally covered.

Makenna JohnstonMakenna Johnston

If Tibetan philosophies of emptiness & joy made passionate love with high-level, actionable business and life strategies and raised their love child on a steady diet of craft beer, mountain living, yoga, and snow skiing you’d have Makenna Johnston.

She calls herself a strategic catalyst for visionaries in transition. That’s fancy speak meaning she coaches and consults for individuals and businesses who are looking to manage culture shifts and vision shifts with grace. She works and plays in The Bliss Brigade, her community for visionary leaders, and lives full time (for now) in a renovated RV lovingly known as the #blissbus.

Intentions in the Muck of Expectation Culture

In 2015, Makenna discovered a haunting truth about the world at large. The word intention had been massively co-opted by the self-help communities to move from a state of action to a state of static stasis. Knowing the importance intention had played in her own life, she crowdfunded her first book The Intention Generation to discuss the philosophical underpinnings, meaning of, and how we can bring back Intention.

Suzanne Hanna
Suzanne Hanna

Suzanne Hanna is a healer, visionary, writer, and inspirational speaker. She has helped hundreds of men and women move through their fear and pain as a way to live a more inspired and wholehearted life. Suzanne is the founder and creator of The Wilderness Walk Movement, an experiential hero’s journey through the darkness and fear of the inner mind and the pain of the wounded heart in order to help others integrate ALL aspects of their being, both light and dark. Her seven and nine week journey’s are changing lives all over the world and leading people on a path to internal freedom.

Rocky Callan

Rocky Callen is all about hugs, shove and fierce book love. Rooted in her passion of using creativity as a vessel for impact, Rocky coaches women with a mission full of sass and soul from book idea to book launch. Rocky Callen pulls on her education in political science and communication, her over a decade of work as a behavioral therapist and her years as a bestselling author to create a transformational book writing experience for women who want to own their voice and their story and impact the world one page at a time.

Bleed Ink: How to turn your MISSION into a BOOK

Books are written when someone has something to say. And you, my love, as a soulful entrepreneur with a mission, have something to say. The wisdom might be lurking in your client calls, in your life story, or in the education you have worked tirelessly to acquire. There is a book in you and it needs to come out.

We all go into business because we have a message and mission that drives us toward the entrepreneurial roller coaster. It is that message and mission that can be wrapped up in a book and launched with love so you not only have passive income and a flood of new clients, but so that you will attract your tribe and impact the world one page at a time. Be brave. Bleed ink. The world is waiting.


At Shine Live we are going to be supporting these heart-based organizations:


About Made with a Purpose

Made with a Purpose is a social enterprise built to empower and uplift women out of the cycle of poverty. We hire underprivileged women who are interested in learning new skills and building a career for themselves. These women hand stitch beautiful products out of vintage saris and other textiles, earn fair wages, and are treated with respect and dignity. We are dedicated to creating an environment where women feel safe and secure, regain self confidence and have opportunities to learn and grow, so they are able to build a better, brighter future for themselves, their children, their families and the community.
Made with a purpose seamstresses

About Reshma Thakkar

Reshma obtained a degree in Health Administration from Indiana University. Her natural ability and motivation to succeed evolved into a high-powered career as an IT consultant in the healthcare field. Although she excelled in her field and quickly became a highly sought after consultant, she found she wasn’t fulfilled and began seeking her life’s purpose. In 2010, she started helping underprivileged women and children in India through education sponsorships and sewing projects. Over the years, she saw the impact she was able to make and eventually decided to launch Made with a Purpose.
Reshma of Made with a purpose


Natalie MacNeil Conquer ClubI am thrilled to announce and present a cheque for $5,000 to our Keynote Speaker, Natalie MacNeil, to build a secondary school in Tanzania.

Giving back is a HUGE part of why I am in business and I love partnering with other women in biz to change the world.  Together with my kids, we raised $11,000 to build a school in Kenya, I started the Courage to Fly Project Fundraiser and jumped out of a plane to raise $10,000 for a school in Nicaragua and at Shine Live we helped build a secondary school in Haiti.
My goal is to build schools all over the world to help end the cycle of poverty through the power of education, I truly believe that knowledge is power!
Just think, by investing in your future and learning new skills you will be a part of also helping girls and boys in Tanzania learn, grow and have a brighter future, who knows how many lives will be touched by these children because you made the choice to use YOUR voice to change the world.

At the  SHINE Live  Event, you will…

  • Dive even deeper into the art of storytelling for your business and brand and how to use it to build your empire!
  • Craft and deliver your TED-style speech with guidance from me (yes this time together is all about learning, but more importantly about taking action and DOING it!)
  • Have Hot Seat opportunities to get live, personal 1:1 coaching from myself and other guest experts!
  • Have the opportunity for Open Mic Sessions to share your story and message from the live stage.
  • Get more in-depth training on performance, and expression on stage so you can truly captivate an audience!
  • Hear AMAZING guest speakers (seriously, your mind will be blown when you see them in action) teach you the art of using speaking in many ways in your biz: videos, podcasts, telesummits, interviews, PR and more. You get to learn insider tips and secrets from the PROS!
  • Learn top strategies for monetizing each speaking opportunity from live to online gigs.
  • Go in-depth on your speaking plan and actually walk through the steps of hosting your own profitable, live event.
  • Learn the art of building your platform and we will have a very special guest on the art of writing and publishing your book! You will also write the title and outline of your book then and there and come up with a plan to make it a bestseller!

… learn everything you need to build a platform

and SHINE!

Seriously, this 3-day event will rock your business and your life! 


You will not only get top level instruction, training, and coaching LIVE but you will also forge priceless friendships and gain valuable connections through this life-changing opportunity! 

I am Ready to Shine! Sign me up!



*Contact info@chantelleadams.com for a special group rate if you have 8 or more ladies who want to attend.

Chantelle Adams

this year because I can’t wait to meet you in person and help you take some serious action in your business, it is your time to shine and I am going to help you do just that!

From our breathtaking location with pristine beaches, to incredible life-changing experiences and top-notch training you will be so grateful you came for this business getaway and I have a feeling you will look back on this event as the moment everything changed (for the best) and you truly started to SHINE in life and biz.

Got questions not answered in the FAQ’s below?
Simply email our team at:
and we will be happy to get you our A to your Q!

Refund/Exchange Policy:

All Shine Live Event tickets are non-refundable but you can transfer your ticket to a friend or colleague for free if for some reason you can no longer attend.  Please just let us know when that transfer occurs so we can make changes in our records.

Got questions? 

We’ve got answers!

What is the schedule?


You will be receiving a more in-depth schedule closer to our event kick-off, but you can plan on being there each day (21ST –  23RD) from 9:00 a.m. sharp until 6:00 p.m. with a 2-hour lunch break. Afterwards, you’ll be joining us again for some fun evening activities!

You will want to arrive on September 2oTH because the 21ST we’ll be kicking-off with a VIP experience for registration — you are not going to want to miss it — and you will need about 45 minutes for the registration process.


This is not an event where you just come, sit and listen.  There will be tons of learning and inspiration yes but I always make sure my speaking is a true experience and that you get solid tangible takeaways from our time together.  You will be asked to do the work and take action then and there and you will be AMAZED at all you get accomplished while there.

Will I really leave with solid takeaways I can start implementing?


What if I am terrified of speaking on stage, is this right for me?


Absolutely! I am also a courage coach and I will help you know exactly how to overcome that big fear (that most people have, so you are not alone) and get you ready to step into that spotlight and shine because YOU know your message will change lives.


I am going to be super present and will be looking to meet each and every one of you and give you a HUGE hug!!! Also we will have smaller group work time and time to take action and DO what we are teaching and I will be going around the room and checking in with people individually as they work through the process. I will also have Q&A time where you get to ask your questions and get some powerful answers throughout each section. I also have included hot seat time where I will choose select individuals to come up to the stage and get personal coaching from me. Just know that I will be getting to know you before the event and will really be there for you the entire time we are together… my focus is YOU!

Do we get any 1-on-1 time with you?


There are so many courses and training online, why should I attend a live event?


Something magical happens when you attend a live event. When you meet people in person there is a special, unique bond that happens that doesn’t happen when you just meet online. You also have incredible opportunities to forge powerful joint ventures and collaborations with people you may have never met online.

There will be guest expert speakers and other A-listers who you know you want to connect with and there is no better way than in person. Plus the accountability and support when you attend a live event is like no other, you are totally 100% focused on what you are learning and on applying it and that is truly transformational! And of course you get a getaway in a beautiful destination and we will be having SO much fun together do some incredible things that you know you wouldn’t be able to do online… like a Flash Mob Dance! WOOHOO!


I am someone who loves to plan but never plans more than a year in advance and who really taps into my heart and makes decisions based on what I feel is right in the moment.  So, I will definitely have more live events in the future but whether or not I host SHINE again, I can’t guarantee that so if it is calling to you then jump in because why put off until tomorrow what you can do today!

I am not sure I can attend this year; will you be hosting SHINE Live next year?


Is there a dress code?


Business casual is great.  You want to dress according to your brand and really represent who you are but you also want to be comfortable enough to get up and dance when asked to ☺.


Kelowna BC Canada is really not that far away. And no we don’t live in igloos! Kelowna is actually a very popular tourist destination because of its breathtaking vineyards, mountains and sandy beaches.

Kelowna is strategically located in the heart of the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada’s western-most province. Located about 150 kilometres north of the United States border and 400 kilometres east of Vancouver.

You will LOVE your time in Kelowna!

Where on earth is Kelowna, B.C. and how do I get there?

Here are some plane ticket prices (book early for best rates):
Air Canada or Alaska Air are your best bets for flying to Kelowna, British Columbia (YLW)
RT plane ticket from Los Angeles (LAX) = $730
RT plane ticket from Denver (DIA) = $469
RT plane ticket from Chicago (ORD) = $591
RT plane ticket from New York (LGA) = $721
RT plane ticket from Atlanta (ATL) = $662
RT plane ticket from Dallas (DFW) = $630

If you are still not sure if the SHINE Live Event is right for you
or you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at:
Let me know your Q’s, if I can answer them via email I will do so and if I feel we may need to hop on the phone then I am happy to set up a 15 minute consultation too!

What Women In Biz Are Saying:

“Thanks to the work with Chantelle, I’m so excited to have figured out a way to combine my talents into an amazing speech and other offerings.

Shannon CaldwellI also gained clarity on my overall website and offerings. Focusing on my story and the things that have contributed to my success, helped to cement how I should be marketing myself to the public and my overall branding. If you have any thoughts about public speaking or speaking professionally, Chantelle will help you craft your message and fully connect with your audience with content that is personal, emotional and relevant. If you are considering working with Chantelle I would say: Do it. You won’t be disappointed.” ~ Shannon Caldwell

Breana Cheri“Chantelle is like mama-bear who looks after her cubs, providing their every need and going out and bringing back the best of the best to help their growth and understanding. The warmth and knowledge of Chantelle totally exceeded my expectations. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I do know that having access to Chantelle’s brain and knowledge was more than I could have asked for!

“If you are thinking about working with Chantelle all I can say is: Do IT, don’t hesitate; it is money well spent!”

~ Breana Cheri

Alison Barberi“Chantelle says she likes to over-deliver, and I definitely got more than my money’s worth. She’s an encourager at heart and goes out of her way to be available to help you in whatever ways you need. I had nothing but a vague idea on how to tell my story when I started working with her, and I left with a keynote speech, a belief in the power of my story along with the confidence and ability to tell it, and as a co-author of a new book.

Chantelle has an incredibly perceptive ability to quickly grasp the big picture
of your story then narrow your focus onto the lessons that came from it. Chantelle is a storytelling ninja!”

~ Allison Barberi

Beryl Young“Chantelle has truly developed an experience that will benefit all business owners.

I knew speaking was an area of weakness for me and something I wanted to pursue more in my business this year, so I took the leap and am SO GLAD I did. For new businesses the inner work of writing your story is a powerful clarity tool and for more established business owners it’s a great way to expand your story and solidify your WHY. I’ve found myself leaving with a completely new level of confidence, new ideas for revenue streams, and rekindled excitement over my business and where it’s headed.” ~ Beryl Young